Being the G​ift

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Erica Johnston, CFMW, BF, AFP, BPP

Access Bars® Facilitator, Facelift® 

& Body Process® Practitioner

  Choosing happy   |   Creating greater

The journey so far:

I obtained my Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management in 2010, after which I started learning about metaphysics; developing my intuitive/mediumship and Earth magic muscles. In 2012 I began studying Reiki and Crystal Healing and continued on to become a Reiki Master/Teacher.

I left the corporate world in 2014 in search of a more conscious experience. Many of us become "Seekers" - questing for the meaning of life - finding our way along a "Spiritual Path" - looking for solutions to be able to create more ease and more joy in our day-to-day lives. I started a company called Spirited Gifts in 2015 hosting mobile "Spirit" parties with a local medium and later owned a little shop. We had a lot of fun! I co-created a community-based Mind, Body, and Spirit Fair that ran in the Westshore for 3 amazing years; showcasing local artisans. I have had the opportunity to meet and work with so many magical people here in Victoria. 

Late in 2015 I experienced my first Access Bars session and EVERYTHING in my life began to change. I have experienced symptoms of depression since my early teens and one Bars session brought my awareness back to BEing the Gift I truly BE beyond that. You may hear similar stories from many Access Consciousness practitioners/facilitators - this technique saved my life and continues to do so on a regular basis. That day, I knew that if every person could experience even a piece of what I felt after that first session by having their Bars run, the whole world could change! In light of that, I took my first Practitioner Certification class in 2016 and became a Bars Facilitator near the end of 2017.  

In taking the next level of Access training, Foundation, in 2018, I began to see "how I choose" catapult me to places I had never imagined (so far) and this prompted a move out of retail and more fully into service. March 2020 I took the Access 3-day Body class and May 2021 I took my first Choice of Possibilities. I am now a Certifiable F*cking Miracle Worker. I still experience the ups and downs of life (just like you) and, now I have a fantastic set of tools at my disposal to shift out of any yuck and stuck faster than ever before! How does it get any better than that?! 

About Access Consciousness tools:

Access Consciousness tools are powerful, easy, pragmatic, relatable, quick, and magical; all at the same time. They just work!! They show me the space of ME time and time again. I would love to share that with YOU! Consciousness is about allowance - receiving all of the information available around us, without resisting and reacting, or aligning and agreeing, thus creating energies of ease; for ourselves, for our bodies, and the planet! 

What can we create and what can we change by dissipating the level of stress and polarity in the world around us, and in our inner worlds? 

And what would it take to choose greater, and greater? 

The motto of Access Consciousness is, "May all of life come to you with ease, joy and glory!".

How much more ease can your life be? 

How much more joy can you tap into? 

Did you know that glory is exuberance and abundance all rolled into one? 

Is now the time for you to remember yourself as BEing the Gift?

When you are ready, please book an appointment, or take a certification class. Let's play!